Visit from W. Heath Robinson

Improvised rain protection for the agaves and aloes…



Last of the tulips

I’m not usually one to cut flowers, but needed the space and couldn’t wait for tulip ‘Queen of the Night’ to go over.


Garden at a glance

The sail awning is new for this year, also keeps the Glasgow rain off…

Bit of a ‘May gap’ with flowers, esp. as all the ‘over’ spring bulbs have been taken out apart from tulip ‘Queen of the night’

Pots on right side of lawn are cannas, that’s where the rain pools until it drains into the drywell so they should get watered. Pots at extreme bottom right are dahlias, just potted them up today. The cane tripod with clay ‘hat’ is for a┬ápassion flower.

Am hoping pergola will be fully covered with rose/honeysuckle/perpetual sweet pea this summer.